Friday, 27 August 2010

Two Birds, One Egg

It's been a day of high emotion at Cider HQ today. Chucky-Egg, the newest member of the Rockingham Forest Cider Flock, officialy came of age today, laying her very first, perfect little egg. Well done Chucky, you're truly a Hen now.

One down-side to the boost in egg production has been the relentless decimation of what was promising to be a very good grape crop. It's perhaps unfortunate that grapes are such toothsome, beak-size treats, made worse by Karens 'training' of the hens with Raisin-treats. These hens have a taste for grapes, and what they don't wolf down is soon polished off by the Wasps. I really must be more vigilant with the netting next year, and fingers crossed they never get the taste for apples!

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