Saturday, 19 May 2012

Not the May Bank Holiday

So the traditional end of May Bank Holiday has been royally shifted into June this year, but thanks to a rash of beer and cider festivals, you can still Bank on there being a happy Holiday atmosphere this coming weekend anyway... ahem!

The weekend festivities start early on Thursday 24th from 5pm at the Northampton Delapre Abbey Beer Festival, where we'll be sending cider and perry. Friday lunchtime sees the Newark CAMRA Beer Festival open its tent flaps to revellers. The cider & perry list, which includes one of each from ourselves, can be viewed here. Friday afternoon from 5pm is the time to visit the Swan & Rushes in Leicester for their annual Cider & Cheese Festival, where our Red Kite Cider will be making an appearance.

It's worth noting also that our cider and/or perry have been dispatched to the Criterion Freehouse in Leicester, and Langtry's in Nottingham to help their non-Bank Holiday weekend celebrations.

Friday, 11 May 2012

They're All Cider Bars Now...

It's official. Nottingham drinkers have great taste in cider and perry. A recent ground-breaking initiative in the city has shown that discerning Nottinghamshire drinkers, when expressed to preference, will choose local and East Midlands ciders and perries, and blimmin' well like them too*

The image below (c/o Ray Blockley of Torkard Cider) shows the fantastic range of ciders and perries which were available at noted Nottingham ale house Langtrys, during their recent cider festival. I'm particularly pleased to say that our own cider and perry went down well, and we'll be sending more of the same (or similar) very soon. A big thank you to Ray for his part in helping source such a great range of ciders and perries, and Suzi of Langtrys for making it happen in such an eye-catching and professional way.

*Note: Other non-local ciders and perries were also available, and presumably also enjoyed.

Local and Good

Rockingham Forest Cider, Red Kite Cider and a limited quantity of Malvern Hills Perry will be available at Ye Golden Lion's Waendel Walk Weekend Local Beer & Food Festival from today. Nice pub, nice people, no previous walking experience required.