Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Red Lion Doin' The Do!

Life moves pretty slow in Middleton. It's a 'Northamptonshire Village' kind of thing. Months, sometimes years can pass by without so much as a whisper of a newsworthy event. We rarely stop to look around once in a while as there's very little to be missed, and generally speaking that's just how we like it...

...and then our village local the Red Lion go and spoil it all by announcing a Mini Beer & Cider Festival for the weekend of the 3rd - 5th of September. Bah!

It's going to be a bit of a 'fun' day apparently, with a Barn Dance, Live Music, Food, Real Ales, Real Cider & Perry. Well I ask you, where's the fun in that! I suppose we'll throw ourselves into it, gritting our teeth, sharing a beer or two, making the best of a bad job. To that end we've agreed to supply some of our own ciders and perrys for the event. Here's the provisional list:

Rockingham Forest Cider (Med/Dry)
Welland Valley Festival Special Cider (Medium)
Red Kite Cider (Medium)
Rockingham Forest Perry (Med/Dry)
Green Horse Perry (Medium)

Well there you have it. Some of that new-fangled 'fun' is coming to Middleton. Whatever will they think of next! Never fear, I confidently predict that normal service will have resumed by Monday.

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