Thursday, 8 March 2012

Leicester Beer Festival 2012

The essence of the 2012 Leicester CAMRA Beer Festival can be seen in these two high quality images. I'd like to have shown a bit more of this essence, but these are the only two images I managed to come away with. Sorry!

Thanks must go to the hard working cider bar team of Susan and Paul for keeping my glass full, all the other CAMRA volunteers for organising such a well run and highly regarded festival, and Ray, Matt and others for indulging my strange passion for Push Penny. The festival runs until Saturday.

The top Three East Midlands Ciders nestle together on the cider bar
Cider bar manager Susan prepares a take out during the Push Penny tournament

Monday, 5 March 2012

Leicester CAMRA Beer Festival - Nearly There...

Blue is the colour, erecting snazzy new cider bar stillaging is the game. Followed by much humping and bumping of cider barrels ahead of this Wednesday's opening at the Leicester CAMRA Beer Festival.

The cider bar. Does exactly what it says on the banner.

Cider bar manager Susan supervises a Plank and a large Tub during the set-up. Also in this image, several barrels of cider and a large piece of chipboard... 'It's the way I tell 'em'.

The long wait is almost over for this 2010 vintage Rockingham Forest Cider & Perry.