Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Leicester CAMRA Cider Bar 2016

As the hungry snail-bearing Thrush awakens mighty Smaug in his mountain kingdom, so too does Susan Kite rouse this sleepy blog from slumber with the gentle tap-tap-tapping of the 2016 Leicester CAMRA Cider & Perry list.

Real cider-drinking Elves and Dwarves everywhere may rejoice, for once again the wizard of Middleton can (as if by magic) break the joyous news a full month ahead of Durin's Day.....

Enough of this Hobitty nonsense, here's the list, subject as ever to minor change. Rumours that the cider bar has been renamed the Prancing Pony this year are of course entirely unfounded, though not impossible:

Leicestershire and East Midlands
Bottle Kicking Leicestershire
Scrummage 6.5%
Rambler 6%
Charnwood Leicestershire
Appley ‘Ave Another 5.6%
Disco Cox 5.6%
Cocky Fox 5.5%
Farmer Fear Leicestershire
Medium 5.5%
Dry 5.5%
Fynsburys Rutland
Gladstone Leicestershire
101 dry cider
Rockingham Forest Northamptonshire
Dabinett cider 6.6%
Saxby’s Northamptonshire
Medium 5.4%
Limited Edition 6.5%
Skidbrooke Lincolnshire
Medium cider
Apple County Monmouthshire
Medium dry cider
Barkers Worcestershire
Berriews Powys
organic cider
Biddenden Kent
Cider 8.3%
Broome Farm Herefordshire
Perry 5.5%
Burrow Hill Somerset
Medium cider 6%
Cadogan Gloucestershire
perry 5.5%
Green valley Devon
vintage dry 8.3%
Greys Devon
medium cider 6%
Gwatkin Herefordshire
Farmhouse perry 7%
Golden Valley perry
Gwynt y Ddraig Glamorgan
Two Trees perry 4.5%
Heron valley Devon
cider 6%
Hunts Devon
Mary Maude’s medium cider 6%
Marshwood Vale Dorset
Yarlington Mill cider
Millwhites Somerset
Rum cask cider
Nempnett Somerset
Somerset Redstreak cider 6%
Norburys Worcestershire
Medium sweet cider 7%
Olivers Herefordshire
medium cider
2 perry ?
Rich’s Somerset
Legbender cider 6%
Seacider  Sussex
Medium cider 4.6%
Hardcore 7.3%
Ty Gwyn Monmouthshire
Brown’s Apple cider 6.5%
Ventons Devon
whiskey cask cider
Westcroft Somerset
Janet’s Jungle Juice 6.5%
Worley’s Somerset

Monday, 23 February 2015

Leicester CAMRA Beer Festival 2015

Like the gridlock and panic of an English snow-flurry, the arrival of the Leicester CAMRA Beer & Cider festival is something we can both rely on, and sneak time off work for, every year without fail. For this we give thanks to the hard working organising committee, and small platoon of willing volunteers which make this annual jamboree run so smoothly, punctually, and most important of all, fragrantly.

It's all reassuringly similar to successful festivals of the past, details of which can be gleaned from the flyer reproduced here. Over there. On the right.

Top cider and perry enthusiast Susan has assembled a collection of fruit-based drinks any medium-sized rock festival would be proud of, including many sourced so close to Leicestershire, they could quite accurately be described as being from... well, Leicestershire. Surrounding counties are well represented too, with only poor old Warwickshire absent. And Staffordshire.

Exclusive early access to the cider and perry list is something I've come to rely on. Lord-knows I've got little else to blog about on here these days. And in time-honoured fashion, I've not hesitated in breaking the trust Susan has placed in me, by sharing everything I know with you the reader. So here it is, the 2015 Cider & Perry list, as usual, subject to change without notice or excuse.

UPDATE: Susan has 'finessed' the cider list, the latest version uploaded here. Some notable changes, including the sad loss of early-season Torkard which is so early-season it may still technically be apple juice!

Cider and perry 2015

Bottle Kicking, Hallaton, Leicestershire
Dry cider
Rambler medium cider 6%
Charnwood Cider, Leicestershire
Pure Charnwood medium Cider 5.6%
Apply Ave Another medium cider 5%
Disco Cox medium cider 5.6%
Gold medium cider 5.6%
Farmer Fear, Leics
Thirsty Farmer medium
Farmhouse strong medium
Jollydale, Lincs
Medium cider
Rockingham Forest, Northants
Home Orchard medium dry cider 7.4%
Malvern Hills medium perry 8.4%
Three Cats, Morley, Derbyshire
Medium sweet cider

Abrahall, Shropshire
Dry cider
Crackling Rosie perry
Barkers, Worcestershire
Medium dry cider
Cadogan, Gloucestershire
Medium cider  
Medium perry
Chant, Somerset
Singing cider
Chucklehead, Devon
Medium cider
Double Vision, kent
Sweet cider
Sweet perry
Green Valley, Devon
Medium Cider 6.8%
Grey’s Devon
Medium cider
Gwatkin, Herefords
Yarlington Mill cider
Farmhouse medium perry
Hecks, somerset
Port wine of Glastonbury
Blakeney Red perry
Heron Valley, Devon
Medium cider
Marshwood Vale, Dorset
Sweet cider
Olivers, herefordshire
Shezam  cider 6%
Medium perry 6%
Orchard, Gloucestershire
Medium cider
Ross, Herefordshire
Medium cider
Tricky, Somerset
Medium cider
Sweet cider
Ventons, Devon
Whisky cask cider
Westcroft, Somerset
Janet’s Jungle Juice
Winkleigh Cider co, Devon
Sam’s sweet
Sam’s dry
Worley’s, Somerset

Farmhouse medium cider

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Ciderhouse News - Cidermaking 2014

Here's a short round-up of what's been happening at Rockingham Forest Cider recently. As you'll notice from the pic above, we have a new certificate for the ciderhouse wall, having gone one better than our previous Silver effort in 2011 and won Gold for a Green Horse/Red Longdon Perry in the East Midlands Cider & Perry Competition. Competition organiser Denise Wright can be seen taking the full weight of the certificate, whilst I stand idly by in front of the impressive East Midlands wall of cider at Nottingham CAMRA Beer & Cider Festival. A great day out, c/o of all the hard working volunteers, but particularly Ray Blockley of Torkard Cider who put together this years impressive collection of nearly 300 ciders and perries from throughout England and Wales. In the spirit of friendly competition I'm encouraging Susan to go one better and present 301 ciders and perries at the Leicester Beer Festival next year.

The innaugral Cottingham Village Apple Day was held at the end of September, organised by Green Horizons a Cottingham based project for families with children who are on the autistic spectrum. In addition to having Red Kite Cider on the pop-up bar we gave samples of a Vilberie Cider to a steady stream of thirsty cider fans on what turned out to be a proper Summer's day. A really great event, and very well supported by villagers and visitors.

Perry making is in full swing, which in the case of the 2014 season is quite a small childs swing with a sensible safety bar. No Green Horse or Malvern Hills this year, but some Blakeney Red, and a similar quantity of mixed pears which will hopefully make something tasty for next year. Needless to say this means there will be no repeat of our award-winning perry, and no Green Horse, which is particularly sad as this is my favourite perry of all. Sniffle!

The Blakeney Red has come out at a modest 1.049 this year, the mixed batch a more respectable 1.055. Fermentation is progressing at a nice even pace, and every day we pray for sub-zero temperatures in a bid to slow things right down and therefore retain some residual sweetness in the perries.

The very latest news from the ciderhouse is that the Yarlington Mill apples are in the process of being picked, and Dabinett (below) are still hanging on the tree. This year, in a break from tradition we will be collecting a tonne of Dabinett from a top cider and perry maker near Leominster.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Ciderhouse News - June 2014

We're approaching 'Peak-Cider' time here at Rockingham Forest Cider, with both cider and perry (almost) literally flowing out of the ciderhouse and straight down the throats of thirsty customers. Almost! We do have to transfer the golden liquid into boxes and barrels to aid this process. Licensees help too with their fancy 'glasses' and stoneware cider mugs, for which we thank them.

It's an inevitable reaction to the hot weather. People prefer to move around a lot less in the heat, and what then are they to do with those idle hands and moribund legs? Might as well shuffle to the bar and order a pint. That's where we come in..

This coming weekend you might want to shuffle over to Oakham for pints (or halves) of cider at the almost accurately named Oakham Ale Trail. Fear not cider and perry lovers, it's not all malt'n'hop in the capital of Rutlandshire. Our regular outlet in the town, the terrific White Lion, has expanded its range to include our Vilberie Cider, Red Kite Cider, and Green Horse Perry. Exotic 'foreign' cider will also be available from 'Udders Orchard of 'Uddersfield-in-the-North. Rare and unusual beers will also be available, as well as Maria's rare and tasty 'Craft' Pies (fully endorsed by the Rockingham Forest Cider branch of the Campaign for Real Pies) as well as other food type things.

Staying in Rutland for a moment, our Red Kite Cider will also be available at a mini-beer festival at the Exeter Arms, Barrowden. I haven't got a good picture of the Exeter Arms, but this photo of Saturday afternoon Cribbage play in the bar gives an idea of the kind of traditional village local it is. It's also home to the Barrowden Brewery, so expect some of the beers to have been sourced from literally 'yards' away.

Continuing to stay in Rutland for just one more paragraph, a Rockingham Forest Cider blend continues to be on tap at the bijou Veranda Cafe at Wing Hall. Great food and regular live music evenings here too, including the fabulous Latin Jazz sounds of the Sven Klang Jazz Band on the evening of 5th of July.

In other news, the ciderhouse has now been fully fitted out with a vintage skittles table, something else to do with those idle hands and moribund legs in the Winter. This table will be making an appearance at the forthcoming Cottingham & Middleton Village Fete (5th July), as will a box of our Red Kite Cider. The date for this popular village event has (almost certainly) been set to celebrate the day after American Independence Day (possibly), although I haven't managed to get confirmation of this yet (and probably won't). Either way, come and celebrate 'something or other', with a glass of cider and a throw on the skittles table. It's what Summers were made for.

Friday, 16 May 2014

More May Merriment

Polish-up your Half-pint Tankards and iron your Bermuda Shorts, the bank holiday is very nearly here, and there's more cider and perry to be drunk than even I can handle. The unpredictable month of May promises to go out in a similar fashion to how it came in, quite literally littered with Beer and Cider (and Sausage) festivals to the north, west, and... well, mostly north and west to be honest.

We've been very busy in the ciderhouse ahead of the weekend. Racking and tasting. Boxing-up and tasting. Tasting a bit more, just so we're absolutely sure that everything tastes fabulous and fruity at the bunch-of-five events we'll be supplying.

We're particularly excited to have been invited to the very first Charnwood Cider Festival (24th - 25th May), the brainchild of award winning Leicestershire cidermaker Rob Clough (that's him on the left). In addition to the whole extensive range of Robs own Charnwood Ciders, there will also be local East Midlands guest ciders from our friends in the north at Torkard Cider, as well as Green Horse and Blakeney Red Perries from us-selves. Set in the shadow of Old John himself, the event would make a great refreshment stop after a traditional bank holiday walk at nearby Bradgate Park. More details below.

Once again, we're delighted to be represented at the Newark CAMRA Beer Festival (23rd - 25th), with Red Kite Cider and Green Horse Perry in attendance amongst a host of other quality ciders and perries (and beers apparently!). One of several festivals on our list of 'might go' for the weekend. As ever there's just too much choice.

Sausages are of course the perfect accompaniment to a glass of traditional cider. You didn't know! Well get on-trend and find out for yourself at the accurately named Oadby Sausage & Cider Festival (24th - 25th), which features a whole host of award-winning sausages, a similar range of fine ciders, and all located in the easily accessible village of Oadby. Well it would be wouldn't it! Our own Red Kite Cider will join the extensive line-up. There will also be live music, and plenty of people talking like the Wurzels all weekend I shouldn't wonder.

Our love affair with the tiny country of Rutland continues to grow. Not only is our Vilberie Cider available at the Veranda Cafe at Wing Hall and the White Lion, Oakham, but an annual Rutlandshire event will also feature our cider and perry over the bank holiday weekend.

More evidence of cider/sausage affinity can be experienced at the annual Grainstore Cider & Sausage Festival 22nd - 26th) in Oakham. The cider tasting takes place under canvas at the front of the brew-pub, and you'll find our Red Kite Cider and Green Horse Perry amongst the apple-y and porky delights on offer.

Just over the border, and back home in Northamptonshire, the annual Village Gala (24th - 26th) at Easton on the Hill will also feature our Red Kite and Green Horse. This looks like a fabulous traditional May event, centred on the Blue Bell pub which is where the beers, ciders, and much else besides can be enjoyed. More details below.

So there you have it. You can't say we haven't given you a choice!