Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Swan & Rushes Cider & Cheese List

As promised, here's the cider list for the Swan & Rushes half of this weekends Cider & Cheese Festival (from Thurs at the Criterion, 4pm Friday at the Swan). All ciders and perrys are £2.70/pint at the Swan, and I understand that third pint measures will be available there too.

Brook Apple Farm: Yarlington Mill Med
Brook Apple Farm: Dry
Hartland: Med
Hartland: Perry
Minchew: Dry
Minchew: Perry
Oliver: Med
Oliver: Dry Perry
Oliver: Med Perry
Rathay’s Old Goat: Michelin
Rathay’s Old Goat: Yarlington Mill
Ross-on-Wye Whisky Barrel
Ross-on-Wye Med
Ross-on-Wye Foxwhelp Dry blend
Westcroft Janet’s Jungle Juice
Westcroft Dry
Wilkins Dry
Wilkins Medium

also Day’s Cottage Organic apple

And for 'Curd-Heads' here's the Swan's Cheese List:

Camembert Jean Verrier
Cerney Pyramid
Denhay Dorset Drum
Dunsyre Blue
Hawes Mature Wensleydale
Isle of Mull
Lanark Blue
Lightwood Farmhouse
Lightwood Smoked
Lightwood Rhapsody
Lincolnshire Poacher
Quickes Cheddar
Mollingtons Red Leicester
Ribblesdale Superior
Simon Weaver Cotswold Blue
Simon Weaver Cotswold Brie
Stinking Bishop
Webster’s Stilton

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