Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Leicester - Capital of Cider & Perry

Leicestershire's pubs are going cider crazy in July, and we're muscling in on the act with our own ciders featuring at three of them.

This weekend sees the start of a joint Cider & Cheese Festival at the Criterion Freehouse and Swan & Rushes, both in Leicester's city centre. The ciders and perrys have arrived, and the cheese knives are being sharpened for what promises to be a celebration of one of the culinary worlds greatest combinations.

Why the food and drink media so consistently ignore this combination is beyond me. Cheese and wine is just so Abigail's Party. Beer and cheese, do me a favour! Since when did the bitterness of hops enhance a cheese? No, it's the sharp, fruitiness of cider that cuts through and compliments cheese, and the sooner the legions of pretentious wine and beer writers get up to speed with this fact, the better for everyone's digestive systems.

Hot off the press we have the cider and perry list for the Criterion's weekend offering. There's even an Apple Wheat Beer so that un-reconstructed hop-heads don't feel left out. There's also a box of Rockingham Forest Cider in reserve, and there may be an additional Thatchers cider or two on the day.

I'll try to add the Swan & Rushes cider list when Grant pulls his finger out and writes it up. Going on past form, there should be some rare and interesting ciders and perrys at the Swan. Grant's a bit of a Cheese-Geek too, so expect something creamy and special to spread on your crackers...

I'll be weaving between the two pubs all-day Friday (though note that the Criterion's festival kicks off on Thursday), and may bring a bottle of our Rockingham Forest Slider for sampling. If you see me, stop me and try one.

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree about the beer and cheese nothing could be worse. it's a shame that more pubs in Leicester don't sell a greater selection of ciders. I am sure with the increase in sales of ciders they would do well.