Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cider Workshop Photographic Challenge

The grandly titled 2012 Cider Workshop Photographic Challenge is now officially open for business. The theme of this years competition is 'Pressing 2011', which I'll be taking as meaning all aspects of the pressing cycle, not just the squeeze itself. Even so, this years theme could present a slight problem for some people.

We wrapped up our cider pressing way back in November, and not a day too soon as far as I'm concerned, as the chill of Winter finally settled in the valley. I've heard of other hardy folk pressing on into December, and even well into the new year. That'll be 'Pressing 2012' if I'm not mistaken! Let's hope any late pressers snapped off a few award winning shots earlier on in the season.

For full details of the competition, which is an amateur and fun affair, follow this link to the Cider Workshop Photographic Challenge Rules. The Flickr photo group where you can view the entries as they trickle in can be found here. Do enter a photo of your own or other peoples pressing adventures, the more the merrier.


146 Cider said...

Ahem. The topic was announced in September 11... so hopefully it won't give too many problems:-)

And I was too cold in December and January to be fussed about taking photo's. Doh!

Do you think video clips count?

Rockingham Forest Cider said...

Hmm! The Cider Workshop Video/Multi-media Challenge. Something for the future maybe. I'm just looking to get any advantage I can....