Monday, 28 February 2011

Leicester Beer Festival Cider & Perry List

It's here! A Rockingham Forest Cider 'Exclusive', and not a moment too soon. Big enough to satisfy, yet compact enough to fit neatly in your back pocket, it's the 2011 Leicester CAMRA Beer Festival Cider & Perry List. Fresh off the press, and 100% guaranteed almost 90% complete. Just add a stylish Festival Glass and a Crusty Cheese Cob for maximum drinking pleasure:

Brook Farm, Herefordshire
Winter Warmer Dry Cider (7.5%)
Blended Perry

Burrow Hill, Somerset
Cider 6.5%

Chant, Somerset
Cider 6.5%

Charnwood, Leicestershire
Cider 6.0%

Farmer Fear, Leicestershire
Dry Cider 6.0%
Medium Cider 6.0%

Gwatkin, Herefordshire
Farmhouse Perry 7.5%
Stoke Red Cider
Yarlington Mill Cider

Gwynt Y Ddraig, Glamorgan
Black Dragon Cider 6.5%
Haymaker Cider 5.5%
Pyder 6.0%
Malvern Hills Perry 5.5%
Two Trees Perry 5.0%

Hecks, Somerset
Port Wine of Glastonbury Cider 6.5%
Porters Perfection Cider
Blakeney Red Perry
Medium Perry

Naish, Somerset
Dry Cider 6.0%

Newton Court,Herefordshire

Olivers, Herefordshire
Cider 6.3%
Perry 6.5%

Pickled Pig, Cambridgeshire
New Season Porker Cider
Rum Cask Cider
Sweet Little Pig Cider 6.5%

Rich's, Somerset
Legbender Cider 6.0%

Rockingham Forest, Northamptonshire
Vilberie Vintage Cider
Malvern Hill Vintage Perry

Ross Cider Company, Herefordshire

Thatchers, Somerset
Cheddar Valley Cider 6.0

Torkard, Nottinghamshire
Floppy Tabs Cider

Westcroft Somerset
Dry Cider 6.5%
Janet's Jungle Juice Cider

Willkins, Somerset
Cider 6.0%

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fegrig said...

again I sit and read thinking that sounds tasty,interesting, wish I was there there to have a sniff, keep up the information flow cheers!