Friday, 18 February 2011

2011 Leicester CAMRA Beer Festival

'Holy Mackerel', it's only Nineteen Sleeps until the 2011 Leicester Beer Festival opens its doors. Put another way, that's only twelve working days, or a measly three weekends, only one of which features Six Nations Rugby. It's come around so quickly again! I've not even thought about how I'll be getting there, or more importantly, how on earth I'll get home again! I've got absolutely nothing to wear!

Thankfully for those of you thinking of going to this great festival, the organising committee are well on top of all the little things that need organising, as well as the larger things, such as Beer, Curry, and of course the Cider and Perry.

Thanks to our 'Mole' on the cider bar, a few juicy bits of information are starting to trickle out with regards to the ciders and perrys which will be available. Here at Rockingham Forest Cider, we are nothing if not indiscreet, so here's the current Scrattings from inside the cider bar:

  • New local Leicestershire cidermakers, Charnwood Cider, will be sending a box of their Medium Cider, possibly the first showing for this producer at a CAMRA beer festival.

  • Our friends in the north, Ray & Gail of Torkard Cider have boxed-up a fresh young Floppy Tabs for the festival, which will be Medium, and somewhere around 6% abv. The term Floppy Tabs is apparently 'Northern-Speak' for when a Border Collie has had too much strong cider and its ears go all wonky! or something...

  • There will be more local Leicestershire cider from Farmer Fear of Mountsorrel. Their Thirsty Farmer Cider is usually only available as Medium, but hard bargaining from cider bar manageress Susan has resulted in the procurement of a tub of naturally Dry cider too. Nice work Sue.

  • Exotic foreign cider enthusiasts can look forward to a consignment of Cambridgeshire's finest from Pickled Pig Cider, including Sweet Little Pig, a cider containing a high proportion of Cox apples. Don't worry, I'm assured that no pigs are used in the production of these ciders!... except for the final bit where the dry pomace is fed to pigs... obviously!

  • We'll be sending the last of our 2009 vintage, a Vilberie Medium Cider (6%), and a Malvern Hills Perry (8%), but we won't be drinking any of it! That would be silly, we've got loads of it at home...

  • You've got even less time to plan for the Loughborough CAMRA Beer Festival, which starts on the 3rd of March. The cider and perry list is now up, looks a little too sweet for my taste, but has local interest with East Midlands Cider from Three Cats of Derbyshire.

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