Friday, 15 May 2009

Cider Chat

A brand new virtual cider bar has opened for business. Hobby cidermaker, and enthusiastic cider drinker Jez Howat, has been busy in his workshop constructing what promises to be an excellent resource for anyone with an interest in the fermented apple, or indeed pear.

The 'Core' of the Cider Workshop is an online discussion forum hosted by Google Groups. Think of it as a cosy, welcoming, barrel-lined cider barn. A place to draw-off a glass of cider, and put the ciderworld to rights in convivial and respectful company. Anything cider and perry related is open for discussion, from the technicalities of production, through to recommendations on where you might find a glass of the good-stuff to drink. Normal forum rules apply, ie. respect for other peoples opinions, and of course no abusive posts will be tolerated. That way the forum will be a safe and pleasant environment for all.

It's also hoped that in time The Cider Workshop will become a useful online resource. As the website grows, it's hoped that members will contribute articles, and snippets of information on their particular fields of interest, and in this way the site will become the pre-eminent online destination for the craft cider enthusiast. It will also be a portal to the many excellent cider-based websites which already exist.

You can sign up for the discussion forum by visiting The Cider Workshop website:

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