Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Ciderhouse News - July

  • The Rutland CAMRA Beer Festival exceeded my expectations. Great cider and perry in a really interesting location at the Rutland County Museum. I'm ashamed to say I neglected to view any of the impressive exhibits, preferring to chat the afternoon away with assorted friends and acquaintances whilst working my way through the ciders and perrys. Highlights for me were the Cornish Orchards Strong Dry, and Jollydale Cider. Cider bar organiser Gillian Cummings reported that our Blakeney Red Perry 'sold out', and was '...definitely cider/perry of the festival'. Yay!

  • Our next event will be the new improved Cottingham & Middleton Village Fete (16th July, 12-5pm), a local fundraiser we're proud to be a part of. The 'Beer Tent' will feature local Langton Brewery ales, as well as Med/Dry and Med/Sweet Red Kite Cider. If you like it Medium, ask for a blend of the two!

  • The Criterion Cheese, Cider & Perry Festival is imminent (18th - 24th July). I'll be dropping cider and perry into the pub this weekend, and hope to twist Russell or Karen's arm for a sneak preview of what will be available over the week of the festival.

  • I was delighted to read in our village newsletter, Cottingham & Middleton News, that funding is being sought to renovate and enhance the Village Orchard in Middleton. This important village green space has been somewhat neglected of late, the trees heavily overgrown with Ivy, with one old specimen having fallen several years ago causing damage to the wall on the road side of the orchard. I do hope that the intention is to retain the apple and pear trees. We don't use the fruit in our ciders, but I know that some local folk do collect the cooking apples for their pies, and the blossom is something to behold in the Springtime.

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