Saturday, 16 April 2011

Cuckoo Heralds Return of Cider & Perry

Yesterday, whilst pottering in the garden, the distinctive call of a Cuckoo could be heard in the valley. This is good news on a couple of levels.

Firstly, the Cuckoo has been designated as having 'Red Status' by the RSPB, which means the species has experienced severe decline in recent years. This part of the Welland Valley must therefore represent some kind of refuge for these birds, either that or some local wag with a Cuckoo Clock is playing tricks on us again!

The return of Cuckoos to these shores is a sure sign that Spring, and warmer weather is now firmly established, and in cidermaking lore, a reasonable indicator that the new season cider and perry is ready to be tapped. We're slightly ahead of the Cuckoo, and have already delivered cider and perry to our local 'Cider Tap' the Red Lion, Middleton.

Dry cider lovers will enjoy our Red Kite Yarlington Mill Cider (7%), whilst those with a sweeter tooth might like to try a naturally sweet Blakeney Red Perry (4%). Medium fans can always ask for a blend of the two.

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