Saturday, 30 April 2011

Ciderhouse News - Down Under

It's all cider and perry at the moment, I'm writing this ahead of a trip to Leicester for the Swan & Rushes Cider & Cheese Festival. A little birdy has told me that first to sell out was our Blakeney Red Perry.... Yay!

Cider festivals are breaking out around the world. Here's a report from 'Our Man in Australia', Wal McWalbert drinking for England at the 23rd Kellybrook Cider Festival:

Awesome day. Full cider variety. Well rounded fruity English to crisp sparkling (Bulmers Norman included) average band but great weather. Slightly wobbly. Thank you.

Morris dancers good. Well practiced. Same guys but getting greyer. No one died this year. Yay. Classic dances that bring a great sense of occasion while still encouraging further drinking. Sorted. Thank you.

It's very dark and we're the last ones here again. Becoming a bit of a habit. Excellent.
Nice work Wal, G'nite...


Tim said...

Hi, was this festival in Australia?

Rockingham Forest Cider said...

Yes, every year, looks rather good too.

Anonymous said...

The Kellybrook Cider Festival is Australia's best and longest running cider festival, now in it's 23rd year, and going from strength to strength. Situated in the the lower Yarra Valley at Wonga Park, about a 45 minute drive to Melbourne's North East, it's a great weekend celebration of all good things apple and tradition English.

The Kelly family brew up a couple of really special apple ciders for the event every year. These are then produced in traditional, scrumpy and lightly sparkling presentations. Very deep, smooth and rounded flavours which encourage slow sampling under the widespread and shading branches of the old oak tree (c.1890)Keeping up with modern trends these have now been joined by a very refined Pear cider. A little bit sweeter and brighter but highly quoffable.

If you are ever in the Melbourne area on the first weekend in May you'd be mad to miss out.

A little piece of traditional England in Aus.

See you there next year.


Wal said...

Thanks Wal. I'll definetly try and make it down next year. Not enough of this sort of thing goes on in Australia. There is going to be an Australian cider Festival out at Orange, NSW in Sepetember. I'm looking forward to that.