Friday, 18 March 2011

Skibbereen, Ale & Cider

Every year around this time (or any other time for that matter), Middleton villagers (and others) like to celebrate International Skibbereen Day by raising a glass (or two) at our local the Red Lion, Middleton. This year is no exception, so we'll be raising a glass (or two) at our local the Red Lion, Middleton this evening, in honour of Skibbereen and all its inhabitants.

Skibbereen is a small town at the southernmost tip of County Cork in Ireland. Famous for being possibly the only town in southern Ireland called Skibbereen, and also for being the birthplace of Percy Ludgate, designer of an ingenious Analytical Engine, although not the Analytical Engine, which was designed by Charles Babbage, who wasn't from Skibbereen. He was from London. But it was pretty ingenious nevertheless.

It sounds like a lovely place for sure, and we like to celebrate this fact by raising many glasses in the company of fellow Skibbereen enthusiasts at the Red Lion, Middleton. Local Corby folksters and fellow Skibbereen enthusiasts, Skibbereen, have been invited along for the Craic, and we're hoping they may even play a tune for us at some point during the proceedings. Let's face it, they might as well after coming all the way from Corby... with their instruments!

Our village local, and host of this years International Skibbereen Day, have got into the spirit of the occasion by re-naming the pub after our favourite southern Ireland town. Extra ales have been brought in for the occasion, including the world famous Abbey Stoat from Great Oakley Brewery, and their slightly less famous Marching In ale (something to do with Northampton Saints Rugby apparently...). There will also be a limited edition box of Rockingham Forest Cider to fill your (raised) glass with, a subtle blend of new season Red Kite Cider, with a dash of vintage Malvern Hills Perry. A fitting toast to a great Irish town and its people. Sláinte!

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