Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cidermaker Scooping at Leicester Beer Festival

So another Leicester CAMRA Beer Festival has come and gone, well up to its usual standard I might add. From my position at the Cider Bar, things seemed even busier than usual, although this could have been down to myself being even slower than usual.

This years festival was something of an East Midlands cidermakers summit. I 'ticked' cidermakers from Charnwood, Eves, Torkard, and Three Cats. In fact there were so many of them milling around, I had to take a couple home in Pandas Pops bottles to enjoy later...

So congratulations to all the volunteers and organisers on yet another successful festival. Here's a few candid pics from the cider bar for your pleasure:

A Nice Pair

Work in Progress

Peters Slider Rules

A 'Tump' of Cidermakers

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