Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Rain Doesn't Stop Play

I was quite concerned about the weather today. It was certainly cold, though the sun poked its head out for a brief spell, but the promised downpour around 3pm never happened, and I managed to get everything pressed and cleaned down in good time. It was a pleasure to be pressing perry pears again, awesome yield, and no clogging of cloths. The local dessert apples pressed pretty well too, possibly thanks to a slightly different pressing regime. Instead of firing up the press and waiting until the gauge reaches the maximum 320psi, I decided to apply a little pressure, turn the press off and wait a while for the juice to stop flowing, before repeating several times. The result was a good juice yield, and no pulp oozing out of the cloths. Result!

So it's back to work for a couple of days rest, before attempting to scale the foothills of the Yarlington Mill mountain next weekend.

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Ray and Gail said...

Press-Pause-Press-Pause works for us too when dealing with dessert fruit, though when they are *really* soft we still get a bit of ooze. However, the finest dishwashing brush soon gets rid of any suidgey pulp that has come through the cloth onto the racks and a good shake clears the cloths. Have to admit though that pressing true cider fruit is a dream in comparison.