Friday, 19 November 2010

End of Term Report

The 2010 pressing has finally come to an end for us here at Rockingham Forest Cider. The final day went well, a little too well in fact, and we had to rummage around our old homebrew equipment to find enough fermenting capacity for the juice we pressed. In total we've pressed around three and a half tons of fruit, giving a little under 2500 litres of juice. This is what we've got:

Malvern Hills (130 litres) 1.060
Blakeney Red (260 litres) 1.050
Green Horse (260 litres) 1.050
Unknown (70 litres) 1.064

Welland Valley Festival Special Cider (200 litres) 1.058
Mixed Bittersweet/Sweet Alford/Sharps (130 litres) 1.059
Kingston Black (70 litres) 1.055
Kingston Black/Sweet Alford/Sharps (400 litres) 1.056
Yarlington Mill/Dabinett/Sweets/Sharps (840 litres) 1.055
Sweet Alford/Sharps (130 litres) 1.047

Most of the ciders and perrys are now gently fermenting away, with only those pressed over the last week or so showing no signs of life yet. The wild yeasts have been slow to get going this year, possibly due to the slightly later pressing time which has meant colder conditions. Meanwhile, it's time we put our feet up for a bit. We've been picking, panking, and pressing almost every spare day for two months now, and whilst we enjoy most aspects of the work, there comes a time when it's nice to just.... well... Stop!


Anonymous said...

Great effort.
Hopefully there's still something left to sample when I get over there next year.
Hope it's all good.

Rockingham Forest Cider said...

There's always something put by Wal, whatever the blog might say ;)