Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Welland Valley Beer Festival - Outlook Wet!

Excitement is building to fever pitch for the start of this weekend's Welland Valley Beer Festival. The beers are arriving under close security, if you want to know what's-what, where, how, and possibly when, you'll have to visit the pubs involved during the festival, and purchase a festival programme (£1.50) beforehand.

The weather, as you can see below, is excellent for keeping the beer and cider in peak condition. Not so good for Morris Dancing, but a dry, moderately sunny Saturday is promised... by the Met Office... Hmm! Anyway, as the old Welland Valley saying goes, 'It never rains but it pours... in the pub'

The ceremonial 'Delivery of the Straw Bales' is scheduled to occur at the Red Lion this evening, a popular attraction in itself (do ring to confirm if you're travelling a long way to see this spectacle). Casks will be tapped, glasses polished, and if you should hear a distant thundery rumble over the next few days, fear not, it's just the vintage buses firing up for a trial run down the valley. Toot-Toot!


Anonymous said...

...but will we be seeing the traditional 'Pyramid of barrels', cunningly held together by bungie cords?

Karen and Mark said...

Sadly not, though I doubt whether the Health & Safety exec will be dissapointed. I think Kev's going for a kind of 'Stable' look this year, with rumours of a Horse making an appearance on Friday night!!!!