Monday, 24 August 2009

Lamb Tales

I can't say I'm a big fan of Test-Match Cricket. Even an Ashes series is something I find difficult to concentrate on for more than a few minutes at a time. At best a five-day cricket match provides good background interest to the real business of the day, a few pints of Wot's Occuring at our local the Red Lion in Middleton, and a bit of non-competitive skittling tuition from licensee Kevin Barby. A hopeless task I know, but fair play to Kev for persevering.

Of course the real business of a long, lazy Sunday afternoon is the enjoyment of a lovingly prepared Sunday lunch. In this case, a brace of Ashley Herb Farm Lamb Shanks, slow-cooked until meltingly tender in a pint of our own cider.

The recipe was 'borrowed' and adapted slightly from the 'well-homely' Discuss Cooking website, and originates from Scottish forum user Ishbel, who certainly knows her Lamb Shanks with Cider and Rosemary.

We used our own James Grieve apples, fresh from the tree, and a tin of Butter Beans rather than Cannellini, fresh from the pantry! The cider was a fairly robust Rockingham Forest Cider, but any good quality dry cider made from rich West-country cider apples would do.

The Lamb was accompanied by Runners Beans, Carrots, and Potatoes, all home grown and bursting with flavour, but unfortunately the Parsnips came from a local market stall and tasted of absolutely nothing! A timely reminder to stick to seasonal produce wherever possible.

Cider is of course 'in season' all year round, though the way things have gone this year our season is rapidly coming to an end. Other than supplies for the Red Lion, and the last few events listed on the right-hand side of this blog, we have now effectively sold-out. Lazy Sundays will soon be a distant memory, it's nearly time to start filling the fermenters again...

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