Monday, 8 June 2009

Ciderhouse News - Welland Valley Beer Fest #5

Programmes for this year's Welland Valley Beer Festival are available from all of the pubs taking part. Amongst other interesting bits'n'bobs about the festival, it includes a full listing of the real ales which will be available (though not where they'll be, you have to find that out for yourself), and the all-important timetable for the vintage bus service on Saturday.

The cider list in the programme is not as complete as it could be, they rarely are at beer festivals for some reason. I've done a little bit of detective work to put together a slightly more detailed listing, though again, you'll have to visit the pubs to find out where they are.

Broome Farm - Herefordshire

  • Blakeney Red Perry (5.5%) - Single Variety Perry from an award winning producer

    Gwynt-Y-Ddraig - Glamorgan

  • Barnstormer Cider (7.0%)
  • Black Dragon Cider (7.2%) - Cider of the Festival - Stockport 2009
  • Pyder (6.0%) - Made from a blend of apple and pear juice
  • Various other ciders and perrys, including some Single Variety Ciders

    Hucknall Cider Co - Nottinghamshire

  • Torkard Cider (6.0%) - Multi award winning (and recently married!) producers

    Millwhites - Hertfordshire

  • Various, including Single Variety and Spirit Cask Matured Ciders

    Rockingham Forest Cider - Northampton

  • Perry (6.4%) - Probably a Single Variety Blakeney Red, but we're not 100% sure!
  • Welland Valley Special Cider (6.4%) - Made exclusively from local Welland Valley fruit
  • Rockingham Forest Cider (6.4%) - Available regularly at the Red Lion, Middleton

    Westons - Herefordshire

  • Old Rosie (7.3%)

  • There may also be cider from Thatchers, and possibly something from Eve's of Kettering.

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