Sunday, 7 June 2009

Ciderhouse News - Welland Valley Beer Fest #4

There's is, of course, more to a successful beer festival than the beer. There's the cider... and not forgetting the perry. But even then, it wouldn't be much of an event without a little something extra to keep visitors amused throughout the day. The Welland Valley Beer Festival is blessed with an abundance of extras. The Vintage Buses on Saturday are a day-out in themselves, and there will be a wide range of food on offer at the various pubs. There's also the unique (and possibly illegal) Welland Valley Drinking Team, who make their annual re-appearance at the festival despite last year's near-death experience following 3 days of solid competitive drinking. Good luck lads, go easy on the cider!

There will also be whole a host of entertainment throughout the weekend, with the pick of the bunch for me being the mighty Skibbereen at the Red Lion, Middleton on Saturday evening. Traditional Irish music doesn't come much better than this, and we'll be propping up the bar of our village local for as long as we can stay the pace, at the end of what promises to be a long and exhausting weekend.

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