Saturday, 6 December 2008

Winter Baubles

In the absence of much activity in the ciderhouse, here's a few wintry scenes from the garden and village. It was a very hard frost this morning, but even so there are still quite a few leaves clinging on to the trees in the orchard. It'll be a few weeks yet before I can dust off the Felco's and start the Winter pruning. I'm eager to get started with the pruning this year as I've got half a dozen rootstock on order, and hope to use some of the prunings to propagate some new trees by grafting.

Winter has well and truly set in now. The vibrant reds, golds and browns of Autumn have given way to a starker, duller colour scheme though on days like this the contrast has been turned all the way up. Some apple trees hang on to their fruit long after the last leaves have fallen. I think they look quite christmasy, a natural display of multi-coloured fruity baubles.

My Oxford Dictionary gives the meaning of Bauble as: Valueless Ornament, which is about right for this blog entry!

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