Wednesday, 10 December 2008

A Somerset Cider Delivery

Thanks to a dreadful oversight on my part, we have none of our own cider left for Christmas drinking. Which is a shame as we like to have a bit of cider in over the festive season, for our own pleasure as well as that of visitors.

Luckily some cidermakers are a little more far-sighted than us, and keep a bit back for just such occasions. They will even deliver their pride and joy for a price, which is just as well as we haven't the time for a trip to the West-Country. After much deliberation, we opted for a tried and tested cider from Rich's of Somerset. We've visited Rich's many times over the years, and are well acquainted with their excellent, easy-drinking ciders.

Ordered online on Monday, the extremely well packaged box of Traditional Farmhouse Cider arrived by courier today. This does of course means that we're never more than two days away from real draught cider, though if we'd thought to save any of our own, this figure could have been cut to around two minutes at the outside. Ho-hum!

There are an increasing number of cider producers who will courier a box of their cider to you at all times of the year. A listing of some of these can be found on the ever-expanding ukcider wiki here: Mail Order Cider & Perry

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