Monday, 11 August 2008

New Discovery

Like the first Cuckoo call of Spring (traditionally associated with the tapping of the first barrel of cider), the arrival of new season English Apples in our shops is one to gladden the heart.

It's at this time of year that I break my self imposed boycott of poorly flavoured foreign grown apples, and reaffirm my belief that English apples really are the best in the world. These early English grown varieties such as Discovery, Worcester Pearmain, and Katy are my favourite dessert apples, and I try to search them out whenever possible, particularly as the season is so short.

Early apples like these orangey pink Discovery's have a wonderful aromatic, citrusy flavour which sadly doesn't transfer well to cider, though Katy is used by one Somerset cidermaker to produce a very successful single variety cider that is light, refreshing and very accessible. Soft skinned and easily bruised, they are very poor keepers too, which is all the more reason to eat them up whilst you can.

They're in the shops now, so go get 'em.

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