Monday, 18 August 2008

Gretton Beer Festival

The growing success of the Welland Valley Beer Festival in June has often led to talk of a follow-up event later in the Summer. Local villagers must be pretty comfortable with the idea of a beer festival by now, and visitors certainly know where the Welland Valley is. I would have thought that a well organised and publicised smaller event would be almost guaranteed success, even allowing for the ongoing mediocre Summer weather we're experiencing again this year.

So I'm pleased to see that for one day only the three pubs in Gretton have joined forces with the Gretton Sports Club, and organised a festival for the end of August (30th). The Gretton 4 Corners Beer Festival will feature over 40 ales, including a festival special brewed by Potbelly Brewery (see here for the beer list), as well as a small selection of traditional ciders. We will be supplying the Hatton Arms with our Rockingham Forest Cider,and a barrel of Gwynt-Y-Ddraig Barnstormer Cider.

Mark's Law may prevent us from attending this year's event, but I do hope it's a great success. Village pubs need our support more than ever during these difficult times, and when licensees put in the effort to run great events like this, they deserve our support too.

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