Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Welland Valley - On the Buses

The programmes have now arrived, they are available at all of the participating pubs at the bargain price of £1. I don't propose to list the beers or ciders, but I will mention that the cider & perry list is incomplete. Unfortunately the e-mail I sent to the organiser over a month ago listing the ciders and perrys which we were supplying was obviously not received! For the record there will also be a Broome Farm Dabinett/Michelin Cider, and Ayleton Red Perry, as well as Torkard 57 Cider from the Hucknall Cider Co.

One thing I will add to the blog is the bus timetable. Without wishing to undermine sales of the programme, I feel that the bus information is something that really should be made available more widely before the festival so that people can better plan their day out. There are a number of places this could be posted, most notably the Northampton CAMRA website.

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Anonymous said...

Well played Mark! I had at least half a dozen people ask me for bus times.

Queen Adelaide