Monday, 9 June 2008

Rack 'n' Roll

A busy weekend of racking off, and barreling up of the Welland Valley Special Cider, ready for the Welland Valley Beer Festival which is less than two weeks away now. The cider is tasting very good, quite fruity and with enough residual sweetness to be described as a Medium.

Details on the beer festival have been slowly leaking out, but all will not become clear until the programmes appear (hopefully) in a week's time. I do know that the Red Lion, Middleton will have 20 ales, plus our two ciders, and a Blakeney Red perry from Broome Farm of Ross-on-Wye. The beer list for the George at Ashley has appeared on their website, and Malcolm Grant of Eve's Cider has told me that his cider will be available at the Blue Bell and Talbot, Gretton; and the Castle Inn at Caldecott. The Hatton Arms will have our two ciders, plus Torkard 57 Cider from 'Our friends in the North' at the Hucknall Cider Co, and a Dabinett/Michelin blend cider and Ayleton Red perry from Broome Farm.

More details as they emerge, particularly with regard to the ciders and perrys available.

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