Saturday, 16 July 2011

Pouring, Not Raining

It's official, there is a God! A God of village Fetes to be precise... and a minor deity of Beer Tents too.

At 12 noon today, the success of the 2011 Cottingham & Middleton Village Fete stood on a knife-edge. Heavy rain was predicted, and just for once the Meteorologists had got things just about right. All morning the rain poured downwards, the only bright note being that it wasn't pouring sidewards, or indeed upwards. Things were looking a little damp to say the least. The fate of this village Fete was hanging by a thread...

Just when all seemed lost and most of the stalls had retreated to the sanctuary of the village hall, the rain miraculously stopped. The sun came out, the band struck up, and a goodly portion of villagers formed an orderly queue at the bar. Langton Brewery beer, and our own Rockingham Forest Cider & Perry were on offer, accompanied by talented local musicians, and the star of the show, the incredible floating marquee... The wind had got up by now!

We'd like to extend our congratulations to the organisers of this years Fete, and particularly the BBQ team who gamely soldiered on, quite literally in the eye of the storm. We had a great afternoon in good company, and look forward to next years Fete, come rain or shine.

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