Saturday, 9 October 2010

Worcester Sauce

Now isn't that a beautiful sight. Classy, stylish, fully at home in the orchard, and truly up for the job in hand. She's a real looker for sure, but underneath, a real powerhouse, never shirking from the hard graft of the Autumn harvest. I take my hat off to the old girl, truly I couldn't have done the job without her.

Yes, the Series 3 Landrover really is a mechanical marvel, and just what's needed when it's a little soft underfoot and there's the best part of a ton of fruit to be delivered to the orchard gate. I only wish it was mine, but orchard owner John covets his Landrovers, and why wouldn't he!

Karen was a star too. Here you can see her modelling half a ton of Kingston Black cider apples, stylishly accessorised with a quarter ton of Green Horse perry pears. I think they really suit her don't you? Apparently it's the 'Worcestershire Look'. Windswept, slightly horsey, a little bit Ooh-Arr, Ooh Arr.

Anyway, it's been a great weekend of picking and bagging-up, with time made for light refreshment at the terrific Crown & Trumpet in Broadway. Stanway Brewery Ales for me, Hogans Cider for the missus, all washed down with a generous helping of Skip & Tinkle from Adlington Morris. Man cannot live on food alone.

So off home, accordion music ringing in our ears, but not before a brief stop at the Wayside Farm Shop for its Cider & Cheese tasting. Highlight of the tasting was the excellent Rous Cider, from just up the road in Evesham. This batch was apparently made from a blend of Dessert Apples, and Kingston Black cider apples, which is the very same variety we've picked this weekend. The benchmark has been set.

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