Friday, 23 July 2010

Ciderhouse News - July/August

It's been a busy-busy few weeks in the (metaphorical) Rockingham Forest Ciderhouse, and it's about to get much busier...

First a bit of sad news. We recently lost our favourite hen Dolly to a series of illnesses. Dolly was as sweet a hen as you're likely to find, the baby of the flock, and the only one of the three who was always up for a cuddle and a pet. We're really going to miss that hen, and the Rockingham Forest Cider Flock just won't be the same without her. Sminky and Myrtle are both fine, and looking forward to the arrival of a new member of the flock in the near future.

Meanwhile, thirsty Red Lion customers have been enjoying our limited edition Red Kite Cider over the last couple of weeks, and we'll be delivering the last of this special single variety Yarlington Mill cider to the pub soon. A couple of barrels have also been put aside for festivals, more of which later.

More Rockingham Forest Cider will be winging its way to (err) Wing Hall in Rutland this evening, ready for weekend campers and anyone else who chooses to visit the shop or cafe. On a not-very-related Rutland theme, here's a picture of some of the famous Rutland Hippos. These ones were spotted in the market town of Uppingham. What a great idea, and much cuter than Northampton Town's rather scary Pride of Lions. Just another 23 to find on the terrific Rutland Hippo Trail...

Forthcoming events where you can find our ciders and perrys include the annual Tollemache Arms Beer Festival (2nd - 8th Aug) in Harrington, and Raunds Town Cricket Club Beer Festival (5th - 8th Aug). In addition to our Rockingham Forest Cider there will also be limited quantities of Red Kite Cider, Green Horse Perry, and in the case of Raunds some Ross-on-Wye Cider and Perry.

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