Friday, 5 March 2010

Movin' On Up

I don't pretend to know how they've arrived at the figures, but our position on the latest WIKIO Beer & Wine Blog Rankings has shown a remarkable improvement of late. From a sobering 60th out of 65, we've now moved up to an intoxicating 30th out of 69 blogs! Woo-hoo! If we can just figure out how we arrived at this position, we'll celebrate properly with a bottle of something 'pear-shaped'.

We're sandwiched between the mighty Tyson's Beer Blog, and Kentish craft brewer the Beer Fly. They seem like decent folk, if a little too 'hoppy' for our taste. Coincidentally, this week marked the first 'breakthrough' win for the Red Lion 'B' skittles team, of which I play a minor supporting role. Perhaps this is the shape of things to come! If we can just wangle a WIKIO Beer, Wine & Skittles Blog Ranking, we're in with a chance of pole-position!

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