Monday, 23 February 2009

Leicester Beer Festival - Cider Bar List

The hard working team behind the Leicester CAMRA Beer Festival have once again pulled out all the stops to get the cider bar list out well in advance of the opening day. Bar manager Susan Shirley (above) entrusted this year's cider and perry order to Neville Middleton of Shardlow Brewery, who seems to have come up with an excellent choice. I'm particularly looking forward to trying the single variety Tremlett's and Dabinett ciders, and the Old Monty cider which I've heard very good things about. Burrow Hill is of course one of my favourites, and anything Tom Oliver sends should be of the highest quality. I just hope a few of these are left by the time I get there on Saturday.

Bridge Farm Cider (tba)
Burrow Hill (Med/Dry) 6.5%
Crossmans Tremletts (Med/Dry) 7.0%
Crossmans Home Orchard (Med/Dry) 7.0%
Gwatkins Kingston Black (Dry) 7.5%
Gwatkin Stoke Red (Sweet) 7.5%
Gwatkin Thorn Perry (Dry) 7.5%
Gwatkin Blakeney Red Perry (Med) 7.5%
Gwynt Y Ddriag Black Dragon (Med/Dry) 7.2%
Gwynt Y Ddriag Dabinett (Med) 6.0%
Gwynt Y Ddriag Pyder (Med) 6.0%
Gwynt Y Ddriag Malvern Hills Perry (Med) 5.5%
Gwynt Y Ddriag Two trees Perry (Med/Sweet) 5.0%
Hecks Vilberie 2 years Old (Dry) 7.5%
Hecks Port Wine of Glastonbury (Med) 7.5%
Hecks Blakeney Red Perry (Med/Sweet) 6.5%
Hecks Blakeney Red Perry (Med) 7.5%
Naish Natural (Dry) 7.2%
Newton Court (Sweet) 5.0%
Newton Court Perry (Med/Sweet) 7.5%
Old Monty (Med) 6.5%
Olivers Cider (Med) 6.0%
Olivers Perry (Med) 7.0%
Rich's Legbender (Med/Dry) 6.0%
Rich's Farmhouse (Sweet) 6.0%
Rockingham Forest Sulgrave Orchard Cider (Med) 6.4%
Thatchers Cheddar Valley (Dry) 6.0%
Westcroft Janets Jungle Juice (Med) 6.5%
Westcroft Dry 6.5%

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