Thursday, 15 January 2009

Pork Pie - Pt.2 'A Porky Prime Cut'

The recipe is a modified Rick Stein one. Instead of Shoulder I used a rather more sinewy Leg of pork, which is obviously just plain wrong. I also left out the Anchovy Paste because we didn't have any, and also because this is a pork pie not a fish pie Mr stein!

The pastry is very short, using Butter rather than the more traditional Lard of a hot-crust pastry. The pies were brushed with a beaten egg from the Rockingham Forest Cider flock. Bless-em.

Thanks to the foresight of nestling them into an Anthony Worral Thompson Silicone Muffin Tray, all the pies turned out beautifully without sticking or breaking. After cooling, each pie received a generous dollop of the excellent Trotter & Cider Jelly. This is where Karen started to lose interest.

The results, as you can see, are really quite delicious. Even Karen enjoyed the 'Light, Crumbly Pastry', 'Moist, well-seasoned pork', and 'Strange, slightly-too-firm jelly'. An experiment well worth repeating I think.


Phil said...

They look superb!

Karen and Mark said...

Thanks for that Phil, the Local Food Heroes Blog was very much my inspiration for this entry. I'll be searching back through the archive for a Faggot recipe if you posted one.

Phil said...

There is one but it's for the 'Mr Brains' type rather than butcher's faggots. There's a good one on posted by Somerset Lad and amended by Debbie.
Recipe 1 here

Recipe 2 here