Wednesday, 2 July 2008

T'internet finally arrives in Hucknall

Northern cider monkeys Ray & Gail of the award-winning Hucknall Cider Co, have finally joined us in the 21st Century by embracing the world of Cider-Blogging. Expect plenty of canny tales, brash northern humour, and gritty images from the world of flat-caps, Whippets, and the tight creamy head.

Alright, that's enough stereotyping for one evening, I'm looking forward to regular cidery updates from Ray & Gail, I know they've got plenty to blog about.
The Internet is awash with malt'n'hops blogs, it's high time we had a few more bulletins from the orchard. There is a link to the Torkard Cider Blog to the right of this entry.

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