Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Hatton Arms on the Telly....

...Well sort of. Hatton Arms licensees Shaun Williams & Kirstin Ward tell it how it is as part of the Evening Telegraph's Support Your Local Pub campaign (follow the link). There's even a short video of the interview with Shaun & Kirstin standing proudly behind the row of handpumps in the bar. Our Rockingham Forest Cider pumpclip can be seen on the right, stuck to the little blackboard which advertises the current range of ales and ciders.

A nice job from the Evening Telegraph, it's good to see a newspaper getting behind our local pubs rather than jumping on the binge-drinking bandwagon. As you can see, the Hatton is well worth a visit, particularly over the weekend of the Welland Valley Beer Festival, if only to try some of that Hog Roast!

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