Sunday, 16 March 2008

A Case of Product Placement?

The 2008 Leicester CAMRA Beer Festival has now finished, and it seems to have been another great success. I was pleased to note that the Rockingham Forest Cider was one of the first to sell out, though I have to admit that by supplying a 20 litre box rather than a 5 gallon barrel we had a couple of litres head start!

I managed to visit the festival for a few drinks on Friday afternoon, and greatly enjoyed the convivial atmosphere, great range of ciders and perrys, and the chance to chat with friends and family. Congratulations to all involved, particularly Susan Shirley who managed the cider bar with such aplomb.

On the subject of family, I was more than a little embarrassed at the gross nepotism shown by certain family members at the cider bar, namely brother Paul and the Auld Fella. I must state here and now that at no time did I ask any bar staff or customers to model our (rather chic) range of Rockingham Forest Cider branded clothing at the cider bar, and I certainly don't condone this example of blatant 'product placement'. Apart from anything else, if I had wanted to advertise our wares in such a crass way, I'd have ensured a far classier pair of models!

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