Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Leicester Beer Festival 2008

I thought I'd put in a short plug for the forthcoming Leicester CAMRA Beer Festival, which runs from the afternoon of Wednesday 12th March until the beer and cider run out on Saturday 15th. More details including times, directions to the venue, and shortly, a full list of the beers, ciders and perrys which will be available, can be found on the Beer Festival Website.

We won't actually be supplying any cider for this year's festival, which falls a little too early in the year for our ciders to be at their best, but we will have a hand in sourcing the 30 or so ciders and perrys which will be available at the cider bar. The bulk of the order will be supplied by AleExpress, the Northampton based wholesaler which also runs the 'Mad Apples Cider Bar'. We will be supplying a few perrys and bottle-conditioned ciders from our friend Mike Johnson of Ross-on-Wye Cider & Perry Co, plus Leicestershire Wines from Chevelswarde Organics and the Welland Valley Vineyard, and apple juice from Stamford Juice Co. Unfortunately I won't be working on the cider bar this year, and this will be the last time I have any involvment in the festival, but I certainly aim to attend at least once for a pint and a chat.

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