Saturday, 5 January 2008

The Fruitwise Guide to Apple Tree Pruning

Regular contributor to the ukcider discussion group, Stephen Hayes, has recently uploaded a very useful series of videos on apple tree pruning. They can be viewed on Stephen's YouTube Channel here:

Hampshire based Stephen and his partner Julia, established an orchard of heritage apple varieties in the 90's, and have subsequently amassed a great deal of practical experience in the management of fruit trees, including a number of cider varieties. Short of attending one of the hands-on pruning courses which are run around this time of year, this is the best bit of pruning advice you're likely to find. Stephen has a very watchable style and I can't recommend this series of video workshops highly enough. Whilst there are plenty of books available which go a long way towards explaining the theory of pruning, there really is nothing better than seeing the process in the flesh. I hope that Stephen continues to share his knowledge and experience with us over the coming years.

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Stephen Hayes said...

Mark and Karen, this is very kind of you, and this is a nice blog which I have just discovered searching Google on 'fruitwise + pruning'. I have been greatly encouraged by the positive comment and hope to continue adding tutorials through 2008. I couldn't find any useful information on youtube about pruning apple trees so thought I'd have a go. I hope others are encouraged to make their contributions.

Waes Hal.